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This is NOT an official RFTW site.
This site is NOT owned by RFTW.
This site does NOT speak for RFTW.

As of the end of "The Run" in 2018.
RFTW-SR.ORG is still a repository for photos and available sitreps from 2018 (so far) and previous.
It is paid for and maintained by rider volunteer(s) money and time ONLY.

If riders have pictures they would like me to post here for furture reference, please get in touch with me as shown below.

This decision was made since it was almost impossible for me to get any Southern Route pictures from the "Route Photographer" in 2016/2017/2018 until the Kerrville reunion, and then I had to get them through the RCs.

In the past, I would post all the "Southern Route Team's" pictures here prior to the Run, but no one at all contacted me for the 2019 Run.

I hate to be constantly fighting anyone just to be able to provide support in one of the few ways I can to the RFTW Southern Route.

The Southern Route RFTW family will always be my family, and I will be happy to help those who may need it.

Love and Miss all of you!

"Flag Man"

SOUTHERN ROUTE SPECIFIC LINKS for Historical information.

SITREPS (2018 Situation Reports)
SITREPS from the original that I personally recovered (1997-2010 Situation Reports)

FALLEN HEROES' CART (2018 Situation Reports)

OUTREACH (2018 Situation Reports)
2018 Kerrville Reunion PICTURES

DDay Memorial Pictures
Arlington Wreath Laying Ceremony
Lincoln Memorial Group Photo
Rolling Thunder XXIX
Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery - Memorial Day Wreath Laying

Southern Route - Previous Years Web Photos Etc on this Site
Southern Route - Pictures from 2006 - 2013 from "Flag Man" on his web site

If you need to get hold of me, my information is s.vanhecke at verizon dot net. (spelled out here to cut down on spam fishing).



Vietnam War Webpage with very large amounts of compiled information, including reunions etc.

Cowboys Desert Renegade - 2013 "Run to the" Run For The Wall

VIDEO put together by Lori Ann Schaeffler from 2013's RUN.